We’re also pleased to announce that Kinematic Events will be hosting the FRA European Beetleweight Championships for 2017 supported by Robot Wars World Champions, Team Storm.

Building on what we did in 2015 with our UK Championships in the Midlands, we are back bigger and better at a new venue with more tricks up our sleeves.

Team Storm have delivered the funding and venue to allow the European Beetleweight Championships for 2017 to go ahead on Saturday 2nd of September in Marlow, Buckinghamshire in an incredible professional venue with grandstand seating which we know you’re going to love as well as as providing prizes for the winners.

Robot List


Robot Name

1   7 th circle
2   8-BitWarrior
3   Ankle biter
4   Anvil 2
5   Bar Fight 2
6   Bequinox
7   Bigger Front Spin
8   Bob Saget
9   Bone crusher mk5
10   Bourbon
11   Catalyst
12   Chopsuey
13   Cylon Raider
14   Disharmonic Motion
15   Exploder - (Reserve)
17   Florida Man
18   Gentoo
19   Halt and Catch Fire
20   Hyperion
21   Incomplete Control
22   Inertia
23   Ion
24   Kamikaze
25   Knight of Ni
26   Lilith
27   Limpet
28   MBY Evo
29   Mephistopheles
30   Michael Boogaloo and Shrimp Chambers
31   Minimus
32   Mirrors Edge
33   Newton
34   Orbit
35   R.P.M
36   Ravage
37   REV
38   Rhino
39   RYHAD
40   School Bot
41   Siege
42   Similar Flipping Idea
43   Snappy
44   Soundwave
45   Spinza
46   Swag Demon
47   Sweet Tooth
48   Tempus
49   The O'Neill
50   This Is Not A Drill
51   W I D E B O I
52   Ysabel 2 - (Reserve)

Important Information

All active weapons need a locking mechanism for when out of the arena.
Sharp edge protections on all points and use Li-Po charging bags when charging.
All robots will need a power light and a removable link and LiPo's need an inline fuse.

There will be two pits areas, one near the arena and one next door – pit space will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. 
Those who get entries in early, get the spots near the arena.

More details will be emailed to teams that get accepted closer to the time.
Venue: Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Date/Time: Saturday 2nd September 2017 - approx 11am till 5pm

Many thanks and good luck – see you soon!